In cooperation with the New Jersey Senior Citizens Art Show

All entries will be featured at the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council Gallery


1. Acrylic Painting

2. Crayon-one of-a-kind original creations only, no craft kits or molds

3. Digital (Computer) Art - artwork created using computer graphics software (does not include digital photographs)

4. Works on Paper - includes hand-drawn work in mediums including charcoal, pencil, colored pencil, graphite, ink, pen, crayon, or stylus of any sort

5. Mixed Media - art that combines two or more media, no one of which clearly predominates; includes collage and assemblage

6. Oil Painting

7. Pastel - includes chalk (soft) and oil pastel

8. Print - includes all print forms including etching, linoleum block, lithograph, woodcut, monoprint, silkscreen, etc.

9. Photography - includes color, black & white or tinted photographs taken with a film-based or digital camera

10. Sculpture - work designed in 3-dimensions, carved or constructed in any medium, abstract or figurative

11. Watercolor - includes gouache


is an artist who meets 2 or more of these qualifications:

 a) has ever sold artwork through commercial channels (including galleries, on-line galleries, craft shows, art shows, websites, etc.)

 b) been exhibiting or has ever exhibited their work for 2 or more years in professional galleries and/or professional art exhibits;

 c) has ever had work selected in 2 or more Juried art events.


   An artist not meeting the professional criteria above

Entry Requirements.

All Art entered to the state must have been

completed in the last 3 years. Maximum art size is

36" in any direction. Works smaller than 10" may

be included.

High quality jpg files should be 1800 pixels on the longest side. Only one jpg to represent 3D works is allowed for the State.

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